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As it comes to unloading a car that is used, you are left with three options. Either a private party buys it from you, or you sell it to dealership, or you can make a trading deal with another car owner for his or her car. The last two options might roughly get you any profit for your car. This is especially the case when your car is old and has run a lot of mileage. However, selling your car in profitable amount is not a bigger problem in the picture since there are a lot of sites where you can put up your car for sale and multiple people can view them. The more complex puzzle to solve in these times is to finding a website that gives you the best opportunities to give you more profit and reliable clients that have clean history when it comes to making deals.



Craigslist is an advertisement website designed to buy and sell different items and is based in the United States of America. It has different sections including jobs, housing, gigs, resumes, cars etc. To sell your car by listing it on Craigslist is probably a good idea. It is not free of cost now but still looking at the price that it charges it gets the work done by unlocking for you a lot of potential buyers who would straight up buy your car on the price you asked. Craigslist right now charges 5$ for 30 days subscription which is not a lot considering how much traffic it gets daily of people who are looking for stuff to buy. And it is easy and private. Considering cars, you also do not have to deliver it as it can be driven to the desired destination. The only couple downsides to it is that you will need to research the price just in case you do not overshoot it. And the fact that you will have to write its advertisement by yourself which is not a bad deal considering the benefits you are getting by subscribing to it.

eBay Motors

Ebay motors

Almost everyone who is an online shopping freak knows the famous online store, eBay. With more than 160 million potential customers, you get to attract a huge number of people. There are two options using which you can sell your car through eBay Motors:

In fixed price listing, you can list your car for free on the website, wait for the car to be sold, and get your money. Out of that money, you will have to pay some of it as a commission to the eBay site, but this only happens if your car is sold. You can post your required price and then let your potential customers to negotiate with you as they click the “make offer” button. It might be a good option to sell older cars and get more profit than your expected price.

You can increase your chances of getting a much-secure profit through offering a classified reserve price with a Buy It Now option. However, you might have to make an additional payment. Another edge you will get with eBay is how you can get the full process of transaction done through the site with no anonymity. Logo is second to largest automotive classified site and it is based in the United States of America. provides a large collection of products and services when you are either buying or selling through their platform. They also have a rate and review system from where you can get expert advice and honest review and feedback from the people who are also utilizing the platform. Not only that, you can also compare different cars with each other and come to decision through it. And you also get advice about how to maintain and the vehicle that you bought. The downside of the site is that sometimes when you get an Ad from the website, it is not fully accurate and stating the facts. For example, it might not be showing the actual price of the vehicle and maybe the purpose is only to bait a user or traffic. Still the major lot of vehicles that are listed are legitimate. Regarding this issue, maybe can do a better job because otherwise, looking all over, users are content with their services and there are pretty satisfactory reviews about them and regarding their services.

Selling cars online is better as it creates a direct relationship between the buyer and the seller instead of going to the dealership. And it also attracts and exposes the car or the Ad to a considerable number of potential buyers which you might not find. Online you do not have to explain anything and everything again and again to different customers. You simply post up a reasonable Ad and the potential customer will most likely know for him/herself if he/she wants to pursue the Ad or not. It is an easy and a very reliable way of selling. For the reasons mentioned above, online selling is better and easy to handle.