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How to Sell My Car Fast?

sell my car fast

Need a new car or just in search for some cash? There are instances when you need to sell your car as fast as you can. In these circumstancesyou might need to adopt some out of the ordinary measures. As if selling a car under normal circumstances isn’t stressful enough, trying to sell a car quickly can take up its toll on you. Here is what you need to do to sell your car as quickly as possible. To secure a rapid sale you will first need to gather all the important paperwork and documents, figure out the market value, tidy up your Bonita and considercertain strategies that would minimize time.

Gathering up Paperwork

car papers

Basic paperwork that you must have

  • Registration copy of your vehicle
  • Copy of your CNIC
  • Insurance paperwork (if you have any)
  • Car registration mark, Engine number, Chassis number etc.

Other documents which are not mandatory but is better to have in case of complications, such as,

  • Invoice of the car
  • Ownership manual etc.

The documents mentioned above are the documents that should be available beforehand and further documents may be required after you have struck a deal with a potential buyer. For example, sales deed etc.

Wash-up and Maintenance

car washing

To get a good deal your car should be at its best, which is why it is in everybody’s favor to give it a complete wash-up inside out, and some basic maintenance. Now, maintenance or washing up does not mean cleaning up and fixing every single dent and scratch that might be visible on your vehicle. You just have to make it look adequately presentable and give away a better impression to intrigue a customer.

Speeding up the Process

Now that you have completed the preparations, or some of it, the hardest part is still yet to come which is determining how will you sell your car faster. It totally depends on you that how much work you want to put in it and how far do you want to drag it. Here are some ways through which you can speed up and sell your car quicker than normal and it may be noted that these ways might have one or two cons of their own, that will be your trade off to trying to make a quicker sale.

 – Sell for a lower price

Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. So far you have figured out the fair market value for your vehicle, try selling it a little under. Capture some good images and make an intriguing Ad and post it on an online car trading/selling site. If you have a car in demand, then there might be very little waiting before you find a potential buyer. The downside to this tactic is that the customer who has his homework done might get suspicious of the fact that why are you selling your vehicle for a lower price and might think that there is something wrong with the vehicle. For which you should be prepared for test drives etc.

 – Keep an eye out in your circle

There is always, or most of the time, a guy who has always been a downright fan of your car and wants to or would be happy to own it. In this case, ideally you can also trust the buyer as he is your close friend and the transaction should net you close to the actual market value that you will find online or have already figured out. Talking about ideal scenarios, you also might not have to clean up as much, as your friend would already have a very good idea about it. But still looking at the downside, things can also go downhill if an unfavorable instance is to occur after the deal is done and, in some cases, friends try to take advantage of your friendship and try to negotiate unreasonably. It is advised to still be as careful as possible because in this case you will have to look over the paperwork and the transactions.

 – Dealerships

Take a trip to car dealerships nearby. A dealership will be willing to buy you car if they find it in the right condition according to them. Make a round around a couple of them and compare the offers that were provided to you and make the best decision. It may be noted that when dealing with dealerships there are seldom negotiations and the dealership managers are in control. Either you take the offer, or you leave it. And your car should be at best because a dealership might not even consider buying if the vehicle is in poor condition or not in demand. The dealership is an option from out of which you might get the least.

Now that you are familiar with the above-mentioned tips and tricks or tactics or whatever you might want to call it. You can now take advantage from it and use it for your own good. If you implement on the above given steps carefully then you would have struck a deal before you know it.