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We Buy Junk Cars – Get Paid in One Hour

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Do you need cash for your junk car quickly? At 1-hour cash 4 cars, we buy junk cars of any type. We’re located in 176 locations nationwide. We pay you top dollars for your junk car.

Get paid within one hour. All you need to do is fill up our online form where our representative will review all the information and make you an offer.  Or you can just call on our hotline numbers and get an instant offer. Make sure you reveal all the cars’ conditions so that you can get the best value for the junk car.

Cash for car in 1 hour

Get Cash for Junk Cars.

 At 1-hour cash 4 cars, we will give you cash for junk cars immediately we come to pick up your car.  Once the deal is done and there is an agreed price you get to receive the cash on the spot. Cash is our motto and the game of the industry.

You will also enjoy free towing and fast pickup of up to 3 days or less than 24 hours depending on your location. Once you sign the transfer title the rest of the work is left to us. It’s that easy. 

1 hour Cash for Car is a Top Junk Car Buyer.

1-hour cash 4 car is a top junk car buyer in the USA. We operate nationwide. We have 176 physical locations in the USA. We buy junk cars in any condition. Driving and non -driving, old, damaged.

We offer instant cash for the car. We also give free towing and junk removal. If you need a topmost dollar for your junk car, then don’t hesitate to call us or fill our online forms and receive an offer! Look no further.

We Offer Free Junk Car Removal.

At 1-hour cash 4 cars, we offer free junk car removal. When we say FREE, we mean every letter of it. Don’t be lied to by other dealers gimmicks who use a smart ploy to factor In their removal fees in their offer.

We ensure that you get the fairest value for your junk car removal regardless of where you are located.

We care for the environment and that’s why we ensure to safely dispose of things like antifreeze, battery acid, gas, oil, and mercury which are harmful to the environment. We also ensure to recycle non biodegradable tires. Hence keeping the environment safe.

However, if you decide not to go through with junk removal, ensure to drain the car battery acid into the original container and take them to an automotive shop or landfill. This is because the battery contains acid, lead, and mercury which are dangerous to the environment. We also don’t charge you for towing.

Let 1-hour cash 4 cars save you in the worst possible moment when you need that cash.  Don’t let that dysfunctional car ruin your day. Head over to our site  and get started. Also, give us a call through our hotlines, and let’s put a smile on your face.

How Junk Car prices are Calculated.

Have you been wondering how junk car prices are calculated?  Are you skeptical if you’re getting the best value for your junk car? Well,

This solely depends on the buyer of the junk car if he’s interested in only a part of the junk car or several parts. The buyer may be willing to pay for those parts only. For a bulk junk car buyer, might give you about 75% of your junk car price.

But the standard formula for determining the price of your junk car is as follows.

  • The total cost of repairs that will get the vehicle up and running.
  • The current price of scrap metals
  • The make, model, and year of manufacturing of the car. Most rare models have high demand in junk car selling yards.
  • Your location from the junk car buyer where they will get the car. The far you are, the lower the amount you will get for the junk car.

Call us today or visit and get the best quote.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What will happen with my old car after I sell it to you?

At 1-hour cash 4 cars, after we buy your junk car, depending on its age, condition, and specs we can either sell it as scrap metal or disassemble it for parts. If the vehicle has minor damage, we may choose to repair it and resell it.

You can rest assured that we are experienced in handling junk cars. We will recycle your vehicle In an environmentally friendly and safe way.

This is because recycling a car help keep metals and toxic chemicals out of the landfill as well as helping safe energy used to produce aluminum and steel.

I Need My Junk Car to be Towed Away Today, What can I do?

Firstly get a quote with 1-hour cash 4 cars by filling our online form. Make sure you fill all the descriptions of the vehicle accurately to get the best quote. Once you receive a quote you can schedule a pickup.

We offer free pickup or towing service from all our locations countrywide. Once the tow driver arrives, he can assess the face value of the car and offer you the best price.  You get to receive your cash on the spot once you’ve signed the title of the vehicle to transfer liability.

While we promise to offer same day pickup, sometimes it’s impossible depending on the location. We will always make sure to prioritize pickup up until the latest 3 days.

My Junk Car Doesn’t Drive. Can You Still Buy It?

A big YES!. At 1hour cash4cars we buy cars in any condition even non-running ones. All you need to do is state accurately in the form the condition of the engine if it can turn on or drive and the vehicle in general. This will help us price the vehicle accurately when giving you a quote.

If My Junker is Missing Part, Can I Still Sell It?

1-hour cash 4 cars can make an offer on a junker with missing parts, engine problems, damaged flame, etc. But, it depends on which part is missing.

However, we cannot buy a car without transmission and engine. The car must also have at least two tires for towing. It’s important to note that we buy a car as a whole and not individual parts.

Scrap Car Prices vs Junker Car Prices. Are Those The Same?

No, they are different prices.  Scrap value price highly determined by the weight of the metal in the car.

Junker prices are determined with consideration to the parts in the car, the condition of the car and the make or model of the car.

At 1-hour cash 4 cars, we consider the complete look of the car to determine its value.

Is Donation a Good Option for Getting Rid of My Scrap Car?

If the value of the vehicle is more than $500, a donation is not the smartest way to get rid of your scrap car.  Here’s is why.  Donations above $500 are calculated and you have to fill in more paperwork to claim a tax writeoff.  A tax writes off can significantly lower the amount of tax owed to the government.

If you would like to donate to charity, its advisable to sell the scrap vehicle for cash and then donate the cash.  Most charities do not know how to extract the true value of the vehicle and could end up being useless to them.

Will, I Receive a Junk Receipt?

Yes, we will give you a receipt for the purchase of the junk. This will act as proof of sale to relieve you of any liability.

Let 1- hour cash 4cars make you an offer.

Cash for car in 1 hour

We will buy any of your junk cars in any condition in less than 1 hour. There is no paperwork and you don’t have to worry about losing out on the value of your car. We will also tow your car for FREE and still get top dollar for what your car is worth. Contact us TODAY for your quote


We all get frustrated when our cars decide to let us down. We have places to go, an appointment to meet, and doing daily chores become even harder.  When such a thing happens, all we can think of is how to get cash to replace the junk as fast as possible. The last thing we want is a lengthy process of disposing of the car.  That’s why 1hourcash4cars gives you an instant cash offer for your junk car within 1 hour.

Make sure not to fall for ‘free’ towing gimmicks who factor in the towing fees from the true value of the car to give you less money than what you deserve.  Also if you decide to forgo junk removal services, and decide to do it yourself, be careful as you may be fined for breaking the law.