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Advertise your Car for Sale

Car advertisement for sale

Ready to sell your car? Just post up an Ad and customers will come rushing in. Easy, Right? Not Quite. Okay, you may find a customer or more than a couple. But, will they pay for what your car is worth? Think about it, maybe a better Ad may get you better customers, hence better price and offers. Its not that hard. To do that you just have follow some steps that will provide you necessary guidelines on how to post up ‘a good Ad’ and sell you car without many hassles. These steps will include, getting your car ready, making a good Ad and utilizing most of the platforms in your advantage, even the ones that you might not notice, but other people do.

Get Everything Set

Before posting up an Ad, you will have to make your car ready to be posted up in an Ad. Why is that important you ask? Because some customer will make instantaneous decisions on whether to consider the Ad or not just by looking at the pictures of your car. And this is all in your favor, the better-looking car, the more people it will attract. Just get those windows wash and some stains removed, and you will be set.

Building up a Good Ad

A good Ad is very important. The way you advert your car will determine the amount of interest you might receive and how quickly you will receive it or sell your car. Its your car, and you can write a 100 pages about it and more but DON’T, because you might not get the amount of attention maybe even from a single customer. While writing about your car, you need to be as relevant as possible, you only need to provide the details that a buyer would like to know. For example,

  • Color
  • Price
  • Mileage
  • Contact Details etc.

Do not get into details from the start, do not use hardcore abbreviations and terminologies because everyone might not understand them. Keep it as simple as possible and when you find a potential buyer, answer his/her questions to their satisfaction. And lastly you should have some good pictures. At least 10, which should be highlighting different parts and angles of the car, try not to repeat the same picture again and again. When you have a brief, simple yet informative description and a few good pictures, you are ready to post your Ad. But where?

 Advertising Methods

Mechanics: This is a simple yet sometimes affective method. If you are a car guy, you might have a regular mechanic. Just print some flyers and pass some information to him. He might find you a customer easily as his circle would be full of car guys like you. The upsides of this method are that you can always discuss your car and other details with him, and he cannot negotiate on your behalf but will only sell for the price that you will tell him. The mechanic will spread the word and as he knows your car, he can emphasize on the on the better features to intrigue customers. The downside might be the fact that the mechanic might ask for a commission as he is acting as an agent.

Online Ads: When posting car ads online, make sure to advertise at least more than 2 places. This would bring you the most number of potential buyers in very less time. These advertisings should be a combination of multiple sites such as your conventional buying and selling platforms which people usually use to buy used items, special purpose sites which specializes in buying, selling and trading of cars and your good old social media websites where you never know a potential customer would pop up in your closest circle. When posting online, you need to be careful of the terms and conditions that some sites have, if they would be charging any type of commission or fee for posting an Ad. You can also post on peer-to-peer websites where people are interested in certain types o features and only demand specific items with their interest of modifications etc.

Newspaper: It is understandable that you might not read the newspaper in this modern age where everything is available on the phone, even newspapers (Digital Of course). But keep in mind that there is still a large number of people who do and can be a potential customer of your offer. Although newspaper Ads are a little different from the Ads that you might post online. But the main gist of it is still the same, on how to attract a customer. In a newspaper you will have a very limited space most probably and you cannot post a lot of pictures. So be sure to first read a similar Ad and go with that.

Now you are truly ready to sell your car and IT IS Easy. Just a little knowhow on how to attract a customer can help, which you now have. Following the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to sell any car through an advertisement.