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We buy any automobiles, SUV’s, Trucks and vans in any condition if you have the title in Joliet, IL. We send our tow truck to your location to pick up the vehicle.If all things are perfect we can accomplish this within an hour other times it takes 4 hours and sometimes it takes 24 hours. We agree to purchase your car for a price and if you have the title in your possession we will send tow truck an pick up the car and provide payment on the spot. We will buy any car, truck or can if it is broken, crashed. We use our company owned tow truck and drivers to come to your home, office or any location at a prearranged time and pay you on the spot in the greater Joliet, IL.We buy any vehicle, regardless of the make, model, or condition PAY YOU CASH AND TOW IT AWAY!

Our staff is available at 1-800-714-4906 or fill out Free Quote form, and our pleasant well-informed car buyer will assist you quickly and efficiently. We know this transaction is different for you the consumer but we have done this over 6,000 times in 2016. Our staff buys your auto and our trucks tow your car away in the Joliet area after you give us the title and pay you. We have been picking up expensive cars, wrecked cars and recycling the material to make a profit for many years. We will give you the highest price for your car with a title. We can do all this in less than one day in the greater, Joliet, IL area. We buy cars, trucks, SUVs, any vehicle in any condition and tow it away after giving you CASH. Most instances within 1 day! Running Or Not, We Pay A Lot! Call Us Now!

To Get Started Simple Call 1-800-714-4906

What Kind of Vehicles Do We Buy?

We buy any cars, trucks, SUVs, Vans and vehicle of all years, makes and models; In any condition, wrecked, rusted, on blocks or running.
Whether you have an older car or you are just want to convert your used vehicle for cash quickly, we are a one-stop buyer in the Joliet, Illinois area.

How Much Will We Pay For Your Vehicle?

Our trained staff evaluates each vehicle individually on the phone or reviews your submitted form and calls you back with a quote. We pay the highest payout possible. Just complete our free Quote Form with no-obligation and we will contact you with a fair price.

When Do I Get Paid ?

We exchange cash or check before we tow your car away. Cash payments can be made via PayPal or Western Union or we can send a check with Tow driver who will pick up your vehicle.

Are There Any Hidden Charges?

Absolutely not! We handle each stage of the process for you and have your car picked-up by our professional towing service at no cost to you. You pay nothing!

Why Should I use 1hourscash4cars to sell my car?

Simply put, because it is fast and easy and you receive the highest payout possible. We pick up the vehicle at no expense and you know that you are dealing with one of the most reputable and largest resellers of vehicles in the USA. 1 Hour Cash 4 Cars turn your car into cash today.